Shared IP addresses

From the Rackspace API guide:

Public IP addresses can be shared across multiple servers for use in various high availability scenarios. When an IP address is shared to another server, the cloud network restrictions are modified to allow each server to listen to and respond on that IP address (you may optionally specify that the target server network configuration be modified). Shared IP addresses can be used with many standard heartbeat facilities (e.g. keepalived) that monitor for failure and manage IP failover.

A shared IP group is a collection of servers that can share IPs with other members of the group. Any server in a group can share one or more public IPs with any other server in the group. With the exception of the first server in a shared IP group, servers must be launched into shared IP groups. A server may only be a member of one shared IP group.

See also

Use Server.share_ip() and Server.unshare_ip to share and unshare IPs in a group.